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The role and symbol of the relay

release time:2020-03-09

Substantially defined, the relay is a component that is used as a signal transmission, and it still needs to be converted into its contact opening and closing state according to a specific form of input signal. Generally speaking, the overall structure of the relay is composed of three important parts: the intermediate mechanism, the bearing mechanism and the actuator.

The role of the bearing mechanism is to accurately reflect the input of the relay itself, and at the same time, it is transmitted to the intermediate mechanism and the amount set in advance (that is, the setting value) to make the two values compare with each other. In this process If it is detected that the set value is reached (excessive or insufficient), the intermediate mechanism will prompt the actuator to act, closing and opening its contacts to achieve a certain control purpose.

What is the role of the relay? It belongs to an electronic control device, which has a control system (that is, input loop) and a controlled system (output loop), and is often used in automatic control circuits for installation and use. The relay is actually a kind of "automatic switch" that uses a very small current to control its own large current. It mainly plays the role of conversion circuit, automatic adjustment and safety protection in the circuit.

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