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  • my country's relay industry ushered in a new peak in development

    Zhejiang 2014-04-04 (China Commercial Telecommunications)-With the gradual implementation and deepening of my country's t

  • Relay requirements

    If the number of cars in the world reaches 1 billion by 2010 and the annual output will reach 75 million to 80 million, the w

  • my country's relay development has gradually replaced imports


  • The relay industry upgrade needs to start from three aspects

       作为基础元件的继电器被广泛应用在家电、通信、汽车、仪器仪表、机器设备、航空航天等自动化控制领域。继电器是自动化控制领域应用中的重要角色,市场竞争也日趋激烈。    近年来,随着电子信息产业的飞速


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